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City Centre 1st Floor Room Hire within Carlisle Bus Station complex

Travel time Walking from:

Bus Station = 1 Min                                                            Train Station = 5 Min

Iceland Car Park = 5 Min                                        The Lanes Car Park = 6 Min

The Sands Car Park = 13 Min


Use of Meeting Room: Interview, Training, Therapy, Meeting and Coaching


Meeting Room Hire Max Capacity 25 people.


Area 306 ft² - 28.43 m²


The Meeting Room is A First Floor meeting room


With access to male & female toilets.


Hourly Commercial / Private Rate

(Minimum 1.5 Hrs.) £25 Available through the day Monday - Saturday

9:30am – 5:30pm only

Hourly Charitable Group Rate £18

½ Day (4 hours) Commercial / Private Rate £80

½ Day (4 hours) Charitable Group Rate £50

Full Day (8 hours) Commercial / Private Rate £130

Full Day (8 hours) Charitable Group Rate £100

Evening Commercial / Private Rate £200 Evening booking Monday - Saturday comprise 6pm – 11pm


•Package Rates coming soon…TBC

•Single Wi-Fi Access is available for the person booking during the booking time. Superfast BT Infinity

•Food is not provided however we can help arrange for a charge Please as to see partner sheets.

•Tea & Coffee can be provided if advance notice is given (Short Hire) at a cost of £1.20 per person (For full day hire Free Tea & Coffee up to 25 people)

•Soft Drinks can be provided at £1.50 per can £1.90 per bottle

•Other facilities can be made available upon agreement.

•Storage can be arranged if booked in advance at a reasonable rate.

* Discount booking on blocks of 5 full days.

* Days do not have to run consecutively but must be with in the same calendar year & available at time of booking.

** Any cancelation with short notice we reserve the right to charge for the time booked.

*** Any amendments within seven working days of booking date. We will try to accommodate however if this clashes with booking already held we would offer alternative date if available.



Conditions of Hire:


1.The owner of the Meeting Room is the Well Done Solutions




2.All applications for hire of the Venue must be made in writing on the appropriate form.  Well Done Solutions reserves the right to refuse any application without stating its reason for doing so.


3.Applications will not be considered:

a.From persons under 18 years of age; or

b.If made otherwise than on the appropriate official booking form;

c.From individuals or organisations that have current outstanding debts to Well Done Solutions;


4.Applications must be completed signed and returned within fourteen days together with the Deposit.  Failure to do so may result in the reallocation of the date to another party.  No public announcement of any event shall be made until the application has been accepted on behalf of Well Done Solutions.


5.If Well Done Solutions accepts the application, the person signing the application form shall be deemed to be the Hirer and as such the person responsible to Well Done Solutions for the payment of the Hire Fee and the observance of these Conditions of Hire.


6.If the application is to host a charity event proof of charitable status will be required.  If the event involves ticket sales Well Done Solutions reserves the right to pay the money raised through ticket sales directly to the charity and not to the Hirer or to a third party.




7.The maximum capacity of the Meeting Room is as follows:


Meetin 30 seated / 16 seated with tables



8.The number of person, which shall at any time be allowed in Meeting Room, shall not exceed the maxima specified above.


Hire Fee


9.Fees for hiring shall be in accordance with the current scale of charges, which are subject to amendment annually on 1st April.  Where applicable, pre-booked events will incur the new fees.


10.Hire fees will be calculated from the time persons connected with the event commences setting up until the time the last person connected with the event vacates the Venue.


11.Where hire includes either live or recorded music, the Hirer will be responsible for all legal returns due to the Performing Rights Society Limited.


12.Any additional service and staff provided shall be by mutual agreement and will be recharged to the Hirer.  This may include opening and closing procedures, lighting, rigging staff, follow spot operators, additional staff time working on the production other than for performances.  Additional costs as laid out in the hire charges will be incurred after the agreed departure time unless otherwise agreed in advance.


13.For certain events specialist security staff and door supervisors must be provided at the discretion of Well Done Solutions and will be recharged to the Hirer.


14.The Deposit shall be paid upon submission of the Application.


15.The balance of the Hire Fee shall be paid upon receipt of invoice or no later than two week before the event, whichever is the earlier.  Cheques shall be made payable to Well Done Solutions Ltd,




By the Hirer:

16.Cancellations must be notified in writing and the following fees will apply:

a.More than six months in advance of the event:  loss of the Deposit;

b.Between two and six months in advance of the event date, 50% of the Hire Fee will be payable;

c.Less than two months’ notice:  100% of the Hire Fee will be payable;


By Well Done Solutions:

17.Well Done Solutions shall be entitled to cancel the hiring and reallocate the event date:

a.If at any time prior to the event date it shall appear to Well Done Solutions that the Hirer has made a material omission from or misstatement in the application form or where the purpose for which the hire is being used is not the purpose approved by Well Done Solutions;

b.If at any time prior to the event date the programme or other details of particulars have not been supplied or, if not supplied, have not been approved by Well Done Solutions;

c.If any sum or deposit payable is not paid by the Hirer by the date upon which it is due;

d.In the event of the Hirer individual organisation or activities infringing the law or licensing regulations;

e.If Well Done Solutions itself requires the Venue upon the date on which it has been hired in connection with an occasion of national rejoicing or mourning or for a purpose which, in the opinion of Well Done Solutions, is of Civic or National importance by giving the Hirer notice of cancellation;


18.In the event that the Venue booked is not available for an event because the circumstances in paragraph 17 (e) apply Well Done Solutions will seek to relocate the event or function in alternative suitable accommodation if and where possible.



19.The Hirer may with the consent of Well Done Solutions postpone the hiring provided that any request is made in writing accompanied by the balance of the Hire Fee and any other charges payable in respect of the hiring. Well Done Solutions cannot guarantee availability of new dates and will not extend postponement for more than 90 days.


Prevention of use of Venue by Strike Action etc.


20.Well Done Solutions will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer in the event of the Venue not being available, by reason of accident, war, civil commotion, force majeure, strike, lockout or other like cause. Well Done Solutions may, however, in such an event, without admitting any legal obligation to do so, return the deposit paid by the Hirer. The decision of Well Done Solutions, as to whether the Venue is not available, within the meaning of this clause shall be final and binding on the Hirer. No responsibility will be accepted or compensation paid by Well Done Solutions in the event of loss or damage suffered by the Hirer, on account of a failure of the lighting or other equipment in the Venue.


Damage Loss and Accident


21.The Hirer shall pay Well Done Solutions the amount incurred by Well Done Solutions in making good any damage to or loss of the building, furniture, carpets, furnishings, fixtures and fittings or any article or equipment belonging to Well Done Solutions arising directly or indirectly out of the hiring of the Venue.


22.The Hirer shall make no alterations or additions to the lighting, heating, seating, gangways, fittings, fixtures or other arrangements of the accommodation without the express consent of Well Done Solutions.




23.The Hirer shall not sub-let or sub-contract nor permit the sub-letting or sub-contracting of the Venue or any part of it without the written agreement of the Council.




24.The Hirer shall at all times be responsible for the maintenance of good order during the event and shall ensure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter, remain, or otherwise make use of the Meeting Room and that no-one trespasses on parts of the Venue not hired by the Hirer. The Council reserves the right to refuse admission and remove patrons attending the Event at its own discretion.


25.Well Done Solutions is a non-smoking venue.  Anybody found smoking on the premises will be subject to fines in accordance with current legislation and will be removed from the Venue.


Provision of alcoholic beverages and food


26.No food or drinks may be brought onto the premises without written permission from Well Done Solutions. Hirers may not bring onto the premises and consume alcohol without written permission from Well Done Solutions. Any disruptive behaviour resulting from the consumption of alcohol will result in persons being evicted from the premises.  


27.No outside caterers are to be brought into the Venue without the prior written permission of Well Done Solutions.




28.Any event involving children on stage must comply with the Children’s (Performance) Regulations 1968.  Failure to do so will result in a breach of conditions and cancellation of the event.


29.Where Matrons are required, the names and licence details are required four weeks before the event.


30.If licences are required for children to perform, these must be obtained and copies submitted four weeks before the event.




31.The Hirer must comply with all equality and anti-discrimination legislation and regulations.


Health and Safety  


32.The Hirer is responsible for acts and omissions of their employees, agents, sub-contractors and their employees (invitees) while at Well Done Solutions and shall ensure that they comply with health and safety legislation and guidance and Well Done Solutions health and safety policies and procedures.


33.The Hirer shall ensure that all persons invited to Well Done Solutions understand and comply with Well Done Solutions health and safety policies and procedures.


34.The Hirer shall, in addition to any report required by statutory regulations, report immediately to Well Done Solutions all accidents occurring within the duration of the event, which result in injury to persons or damage to property.


35.The Hirer shall ensure that good housekeeping is maintained throughout the period of the hire in all areas used or occupied for the purposes of the event.  In particular, occupied areas shall be kept tidy at all times, access and emergency exit ways kept clear, and surplus and scrap material removed daily.




36.The Hirer and their invitees must provide evidence to Well Done Solutions that they have insurance in place with a reputable insurer in respect of the following;

a.Employers Liability Insurance in respect of personal injury or death of any person arising under a contract of service with the hirer and/or arising out of an incident occurring during the course of such persons employment in compliance with the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969: minimum limit of indemnity £5,000,000.

b.Public Liability Insurance in respect of their legal liability for accidental loss or damage to material property: minimum limit of indemnity £5,000,000.


37.A copy of the Hirer’s insurance certificates must be supplied one month before the Event.


38.The Hirer shall indemnify Well Done Solutions against all actions, claims, costs, demands and the like made against Well Done Solutions and attributable either directly or indirectly to the hiring of the accommodation on the terms, conditions and regulations herein contained.


39.Well Done Solutions shall maintain adequate insurance policies to cover all statutory and other legal liability in respect of its property, its employees and members of the public, provided that Well Done Solutions shall not be responsible for loss or theft of, or damage to any property belonging to the Hirer or his/her personnel.


40.In the event of Well Done Solutions insurance company requiring Well Done Solutions to pay an additional premium in respect of fire insurance due to special fire risk created by or in connection with the Event, the Hirer shall, in addition to the Hire Fee and any other charges otherwise payable by him, pay to Well Done Solutions before the Event a sum equal to the amount of the additional premium.


Special Conditions


41.The Hirer shall ensure that that no fly posting shall take place in respect of the Events.


42.The Hirer shall comply with the conditions on which the Premises Licence for music, dancing and stage plays are held.


43.A cleaning charge will be levied if the premises are not left in a clean and tidy condition and the Hirer will be notified of this charge following the Event.


44.If the event requires the use of firearms, pyrotechnics or any other special stage effects, permission must be obtained in writing, from Well Done Solutions, by giving at least one month’s prior notice of such a request. Risk assessments must be supplied and adhered to.


45.No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to use sound or lighting equipment without prior discussion with Well Done Solutions.


46.No bottled gas shall be brought into the Venue without prior written agreement from Well Done Solutions.


47.No electrical equipment may be brought into the Venue without obtaining the prior written consent of Well Done Solutions which shall only be given following production of a certificate of testing to ensure it is safe to use or the relevant certificate in respect of any equipment which has been hired from a hire company. The Council reserves the right to inspect these certificates and also the right to refuse the use of such equipment if it is not satisfied with its documentation or condition.


48.The Hirer shall ensure that all electrical and gas equipment brought onto the Venue or provided at the Venue is used, stored and turned off correctly.


49.Under no circumstances should fire exits or fire exit routes be obstructed for any period of time.


50.All scenery including cloths, draperies, gauze cloths, hanging curtains and all fabric decorations on the stage must be flame retardant.


51.Hirers wishing to use a PA system at the venue will be required to use the in-house system.  The Hirer is not permitted to bring his own system in replacement without the express permission of Well Done Solutions.


52.Copies of risk assessments must be provided where requested by Well Done Solutions.


53.The Hirer shall not in any circumstances use or permit the Venue or any part thereof to be used for the purpose of gambling, unless the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 have been complied with and the written consent of the Council has been obtained.